Friday, August 14, 2015

Water... I'm swimming in it!

How in the world do you get "enough" water? Is there ever "enough" water consumption?

I feel like all I do lately is either drink water, fill my water glass or get rid of water I've consumed. 
Open Wide!
There are so many varying recommendations as for water intake. Some say 8 x 8 ounce glasses, others say half your body weight in ounces, and then factor in exercise and you need a degree in math to figure it out! 

Let's face it, sometimes it's not always convenient to drink a ton of water. I'll be flying from the West Coast to the Midwest (two flights each way) and I am not thrilled about the idea of spending half the trip in the restroom. But I know flying dehydrates you, and if you're not well hydrated, you can't flush out the bugs from your fellow travelers.

Then, there's the TYPE of water to consider. Spring? Purified? Filtered? What type of filter? Tap? Alkaline? Bottled? Glass or plastic? What about temperature?

I have a glass water jug with a silicone cover and flip top - it holds around 24 ounces. I set a goal to drink one by 9 am, one by noon and one by 3pm. I like the "taste" or rather non-taste, of purified water over spring or tap. I rely heavily on my Brita filter, and prefer my water cold. I've been moderately successful. I get so caught up with work during the day that I just plain don't think about it even though my glass is right in front of my nose.

How much water do you drink? What are your preferences, and how do you remember to get as much as you need?

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