Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who Am I? An Introduction

Who am I?  
I'm a California girl (yes, a real native), and a Hockey & LA Kings JUNKIE! (Go Kings Go!) I also enjoy a good laugh, often at my own expense. I love live music, movies, and going out with friends. I've been married to my sweetie since October 4, 1998. Back then I was slender, but thought I was fat. If only I could go back and shake myself. I was NOT fat. I haven't ever been in stellar shape, but I wasn't even overweight. I'd also find a way to instill better self-care habits - you know, the boring old eat right & exercise bit. But it's so true.

I've tried many weight loss programs, and gone to different gyms. I just never could get diet & nutrition working together. I'd do great at the gym, but be RAVENOUS and undo all my hard work with that juicy burger and delectable shake after. (Hey, I deserved it right? I worked hard!) Or I would go to Weight Watchers, diligently log my food, and be disappointed that the weight wouldn't fall off me. Well no wonder! I was sitting on my ass the rest of the day. I was smart enough to know deep down that I had to get my shit together, but too lazy to do really anything about it.

The Struggle - yes, it's real!
First and foremost, I need to lose weight. I'm lugging around 45+ extra pounds and it's taking its toll on me physically and emotionally. I've been slowly packing it on over the years, and I feel run down. Sometimes a little depressed. I get so uncomfortable in the heat - I break a sweat just getting off the couch; and that's embarrassing! I feel inferior because I'm teetering on plus-size. And I hate my arms - they seem huge to me. I avoid having my picture taken, and if I can't avoid it, I hide behind anyone I can. Since I'm short, that doesn't always work out well for me.

As I tried to ignore my increasing weight, I had to buy new clothes in bigger sizes.  As the sizes increased, availability and options decreased. I refuse to wear tank tops, and so few tops fit me in the arms. I had to buy up, sometimes two sizes, just to get sleeves to fit. And then I was in a top or dress that looked like it was two sizes too big everywhere else. I guess that's when I started to realize that this just isn't normal. The kicker was when I had to buy bigger underwear. I knew I had to do something. I didn't want my undies to double as a parachute!

I also would love to learn to ice skate. Properly. Not just wobble around making everyone nervous, and expecting a nice ambulance ride. I want to fit back into my motorcycle gear, and then start using in on a more regular basis. I love riding - it requires 100% of your focus, so my mind is forced to get a break from all the other crap going on. Basically, I want the strength, energy and confidence to be spontaneous and active.

Day 1 - Day 14
July 28, 2015 I started 21-Day Fix to help me shed some pounds (also referred to as my "quest to lose a chin") and gain strength/energy. At 42, I know it will only become harder to lose weight. I've found that Beachbody's Shakeology shakes taste great and seriously quell the urge for junk. The better I'm eating, the less crap food I want. I got to my current weight by not exercising, being too lazy to cook and relying on the convenience of fast food - which is more than plentiful in my area. I had excuses for everything!

So far I've made it through two entire weeks of this program, and I haven't passed out or puked once! (I was close a couple times though.) That's a victory in my eyes! But trust me, it's kicked my butt for sure. We're supposed to stay off the scale for the 21 days, but I have had to cinch up the bra and belt. And I put on a pair of shorts I haven't worn in a couple years... and they're a little loose!

But most importantly, I feel GREAT! I wake up, get my workout in, and get moving through my day. I have more bounce in my step and feel happier. I'm looking forward to the new clothing options already in my closet. :) 

If you're in a similar position, join me on this road to fitness! Ask me anything. Seriously. I'd love to help you!

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